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Many of you have asked us the difference between our fantastic YELLOW Plasma Serum and our new AZUL Plasma Recovery Gelée.

Here are a few points to help you understand the differences: 

- Our Yellow Plasma Serum contains Prebiotics. 

- Our AZUL Plasma Gelée contains Prebiotics and Probiotics.

- What's the difference between Prebiotic and Probiotic?

** Probiotics are beneficial, friendly bacteria.**

** Prebiotics is food for friendly bacteria.**

Our Yellow Plasma is best for sensitive skin or as support for easily irritated skin types. Our Yellow Plasma Serum and Cream will be the essential support for those using our new RTN CAP Serum and Cream.

Our new Azul Plasma Gelée is best for ROSACEA prone skin.

Besides all the beautiful actives to reinforces the skin's barrier function and gives it radiance and comfort, it also contains an extraordinary blend of Azulene + Azelaic Acid (3.24 %ww) + Centella Asiatica (GKROSAMIL™).

 The Azelaic Acid is used as an anti-inflammatory, not an exfoliator